Nutrition - pupsAll our dogs are on BARF diet and our experience with this diet has been tremendously rewarding in terms of the health of the dogs. BARF stands for Bones and Raw Food. We will not sell pups to anyone who will not commit to a lifetime of feeding BARF to our puppies.

On the BARF diet you can feed your puppy/dog:

  • Muscle meat; chicken, turkey, beef, tripe, ox heart, lamb, fish (small sardines-larger ones have a high mercury count), rabbit, ox tail, quail, etc.
  • Offal: (Heart, liver, kidneys) lamb, cow and chicken are all OK but keep rotating to keep the flavors changing.
  • Raw Meaty Bones; rabbit, chicken wings, chicken carcass, chicken necks, turkey necks, lamb ribs, lamb necks and ox tails.
  • Veg and Fruit; leafy green veg such as kale, carrots, pumpkin, peas, green beans, apple.

raw sardinesThe benefits of feeding BARF:

  • Shinier, healthier skin
  • Fresher breath/cleaner teeth
  • Improved digestion
  • Improvement with allergy symptoms
  • Decreased shedding
  • Increased stamina
  • Firmer, smaller stools
  • A general increase in overall health

We believe in feeding raw natural food as against something artificially prepared.