Living With Your Boerboel – The First 6 Months

via Living With Your Boerboel – The First 6 Months


I always ask people to do their own research before buying a Boerboel, you should go out and meet Boerboels, Boerboel owners, Boerboel breeders. Read about the breed, pick up the phone and talk to people who know about the breed, most of us are very friendly people who will gladly answer any and all questions put to us if we can and put you in touch with people who can if we cant. If you cant be bothered to do even this small amount of work prior to buying a Boerboel, or any large dog for that matter, then please DO NOT get a Boerboel. They aren’t for you.

Feeding your new puppy:

Get a good vet. Make sure your vet is comfortable with giant breed dogs, not all are and very few are up to speed on BARF diets. If you can, shop around. We are very lucky, our vet, who not only knows giant breeds but Boerboels specifically. It is important that you have a good relationship with your vet because your puppy WILL get sick. Your pup will likely arrive with worms and should be wormed once a month but of course you will need to talk this over with a vet. Your pup will also likely arrive with ear mites, again talk to your vet. Also you need to be aware that weaning, leaving the litter, and moving into a new home are all stressful for your pup, these things can have a cumulative effect and can contribute to suppressing your pup’s immune system and resistances to all sorts of things like coughs and colds and tummy upsets and skin issues like mites (mange), yeast infections, seasonal flank alopecia, dermatitis and so on.

The most important thing of course is not to panic. Keep pumpkin in stock for puppies with bad tummies, also diced chicken (poached in chicken stock) is good for pups with diarrhoea of which there are two types, the kind that is like thick custard or pure water. If your pup is passing dirty brown water, phone the vet, make an appointment and go. If your pup has thicker but still loose poop then stop his normal food, make sure he has lots of water to drink, give him a few tablespoons of pumpkin and monitor him. Water is very important as is food made with lots of water like broth or stock, this is because puppies can dehydrate VERY quickly. Talk to the vet.


Fast growing large breed boerboel pups:

From time to time your puppy will limp in one or more legs or exhibit some occasional limb stiffness. Generally this isn’t necessarily something to be too concerned about. You have a giant breed, they will grow fast and they will put on a great deal of weight quickly. Mine is piling on 1.92kilos every week so growing pains and some stiffness should be expected. That said, you can take measures to guard against it. Feed your dog a BARF or high quality “human grade” kibble, situate his sleeping area away from draughts and buy a decent mattress for him to sleep on. In all such cases though it is always a good idea to phone your vet.

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