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IMG_4258At JONA Boerboels our Passion for our boerboels is what is driving us to improve this family dog even more. We passionately appreciate the South African Boerboel and want to share this breed with India and the world. We have handpicked our boerboels from the best bloodlines from across the world, which have remarkable traits for temperament and notably free from health issues. We are not in this to try to make a fortune, we have bred dogs before and we know that breeding is not a money-making career, it is a passion. We strive to be ethical Boerboel breeders. Breeding Boerboels is as much an enriching task, as it is an extensive task. We are probably the only kennel in India feeding B.A.R.F / Raw food to all our dogs. Remember that it is also important to feed the right nutrition and impart adequate training.

Our kennel foundation dogs are based on Corma Buks. We own the only living son of Corma Buks in the world. We also have his grand-daughter. We were delighted to co-ordinate and learn about all boerboels from Rev Buys of the Dopper Kennels from South Africa who gave us all of his bloodline and we are trying to build our lines on that foundation.

We have Dopper Buks bred from Corma Buks and Dopper Hetta. 

‘Our kennels are located in the remote hinterlands of Goa. With ample area available for running, playing and exercising our dogs turn out to be a hardy lot.

Jona Boerboels