thumb_IMG_4153_1024The Boerboel requires a considerable amount of exercise to keep him healthy, trim and happy. Brisk walks throughout the neighborhood will help to keep the dog in shape as well as reinforce his social skills. Although he does need to run, the Boerboel is not the perfect companion for those who like to run for long distances.

It is essential that the Boerboel has a large and completely fenced area in which to play. The Boerboel is not meant for apartment life. The breed is very active and will be happy to play ball or fetch with his family members for hours. Playtime is a great way to reestablish your role as Alpha with the dog.

Boerboels do well in many competitive activities provided they have been trained well. Obedience and agility trials are favorites of those interested in competing with their Boerboels. Although most do not like people that they do not know, there have been a few Boerboels that have become certified therapy dogs.